Creating A Tidal Wave Of Kindness

DGBKLO in Schools

DO Good

BE Kind

LOVE Others

What originally started as a one-time fundraiser to help build an outdoor kitchen in the Dominican Republic resonated with the community and become so much more!

Schools have the ability to build culture and foster community. They are in a position to provide children with tools that will empower and teach them how to be a conduit of kindness. So with the help of school leadership and students from the Hays CISD Class of 2020, we set out to remind children they are brave, powerful and that they can change the world just by doing small acts of kindness each day.


In order to create a massive movement where students see they have the power to change the world, we need to provide the framework where kindness is an integral part of their daily activities. Incorporating an environment where children adopt values of accountability builds confidence and develops compassionate leaders. Just like academics, kindness can be taught. Learning skills like empathy, being considerate, including others and accepting those who are different creates a ripple effect and becomes evident in the school.

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